WTF is Tickn Katsu!?

Tickn Katsu

So you've probably had (or at least heard of) chicken katsu. Ya know? That super savory breaded, fried chicken served w/ rice & drizzled in katsu sauce. Yeah, that stuff. If you haven't had it, quit reading this ish, and get some now! This post can wait!




Alright, that was delicious, right?

Tickn Katsu is based on the idea that watches have that saucy flair, that provocateur style, that t-t-tick of a manual timepiece nearly forgotten in a world gone quartz. It's about watches. And it's about style. It's about lifestyle. Now with that style, the masterminds behind Tickn Katsu didn't play well with the fuzzy sweater geeks talking history specs of a 1953 Rolex Submariner while sippin' a glass of something fizzy. That scene can go do their fucking taxes, while those with style are out to live it on the edge.

Tickn Katsu: It's a fucking joke if you can dig it. Some might say it's GAS af.

Luxury & vintage watches, in addition to the cool retro, spacey, techno, erotic watches you'll see around here, they're hard to come by. Tickn Katsu is passionate about pairing a person to their watch, even down to the gear it's matched to.

With streetwear, Tickn Katsu is passionate about the vibrance & unmatched style of the streetwear community, and it fits oh, so fresh compared to an itchy sweater.

"The watch collector & streetwear aficionado have some common ground: a knack for the sexiest, sauciest style. Dripping swag like it's on tap."

Tickn Katsu has been selling watches for quite some time; now expanding to ecommerce to bring customers worldwide a fresh take on the luxury watch & streetwear experience!




[sometimes Royce wakes up in a cold sweat after dreaming his fianc

é took all his Bape to Goodwill]

[[then when he realizes it was all a bad dream, he hugs his ape close, glaring at her]]